How to Reach a Patient

How to reach a patient in the hospital

Saint John's Main Number is 913-680-6000

To reach a patient in the hospital, use the prefix 680-and the room number. If you do not know the room number, call the hospital operator at 913-680-6000 and they will assist you.

Below are other helpful phone numbers.

Class Registration: 800-281-7777
Gift Shop: 913-680-6084
Human Resources: 913-680-6025
Marketing and Communications: 913-596-4872
Saint John Operator: 913-680-6000
Patient Accounts: 913-596-4816
Physician Referral: 800-281-7777
Security: 913-596-4065
Spiritual Care: 913-596-4300
Volunteer Services: 913-596-4872