Hearing Quz

Take the below Hearing Health Quick Test from the American Academy of Audiology. If you feel you have a hearing loss, please call us at 913-680-6180 to make an appointment with our Audiologist for further information.

1. Do you find it difficult to follow a conversation in a noisy restaurant or crowded room? Yes  No  Sometimes

2. Do you sometimes feel that people are mumbling or not speaking clearly? Yes  No  Sometimes

3. Do you experience difficulty fol-lowing dialog in the theater? Yes  No  Sometimes

4. Do you sometimes find it difficult to understand a speaker at a pub-lic meeting or a religious service? Yes  No  Sometimes

5. Do you find yourself asking people to speak up or repeat themselves? Yes  No  Sometimes

6. Do you find men’s voices easier to understand than women’s? Yes  No  Sometimes

7. Do you experience difficulty understanding soft or whispered speech? Yes  No  Sometimes

8. Do you have difficulty understand-ing speech on the telephone? Yes  No  Sometimes

9. Does a hearing problem cause you to feel embarrassed when meeting new people? Yes  No  Sometimes

10. Do you feel handicapped by a hearing problem? Yes  No  Sometimes

11. Does a hearing problem cause you to visit friends, relatives, or neighbors less often than you would like? Yes  No  Sometimes

12. Do you experience ringing or noises in your ears? Yes  No  Sometimes

13. Do you hear better with one ear than the other? Yes  No  Sometimes

14. Have you had any significant noise exposure during work, recreation, or military service? Yes  No

15. Have any of your relatives (by birth) had a hearing loss? Yes  No


2 points for Yes

1 point for Sometimes

0 points for NoScores of

3 or more: May mean that you have a hearing problem.

Scores of 6 or more: Strongly suggest that a hearing check is warranted.