Transforaminal Endoscopic discectomy

Described as a "gentle" procedure, a new surgical method offered at the Saint John Surgery helps patients with herniated discs and lower back pain reach a new quality of life with little downtime.

Transforaminal Endoscopic discectomy is a new high-precision treatment of the spine with minimal injury to the surrounding tissue structures. This results in minor surgical pain and very little scar tissue. The patients we are helping have chronic pain due to a herniated disc caused by injury, age and/or arthritis. The procedure is an alternative treatment vs. traditional surgery that involves a larger incision and extended recovery time. With this highly effective treatment we are able to get patients doing the things they love to do in a shorter period of time.

Benefits of the new procedure include:

  • Small incision, only minor scarring
  • Short recovery time and rapid return to everyday life
  • Reduced risk of infection
  • Visual endoscopic control and viewing during the operation
  • Minimal destabilization and trauma to surgical area